Transitional 雇用 Program

Steven Muzyka, Class of 2009

Transitional 雇用 Program

What can you expect from our program?


Materials covered are pertinent and beneficial for students who are striving toward independence and employability training. Students receive instruction in

  • Personal and Financial Management
  • 职场沟通
  • 过渡到职场
  • 劳资关系
  • 寻找就业机会
  • 消费能力
  • 综合类

Students participate in work experiences within the community of Olds and/or Olds College. This practical hands on work experience occurs from September to April.

Transitional 雇用 Program (TEP) Work Practicum

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凭据: 证书 

节目的长度: 11个月 

递送方法: 在校园 Delivery (Olds, AB) 

程序的摄入量: 夏季入学 (August Program Start)

应用程序打开: 10月1日 夏天进 

Selection Process For Admission: First Qualified, First Accepted



  • Must be 18 years of age or older, on or before, the program start date
  • 需要的文件:
    • Past program and educational reports
    • Previous assessments (if available)
    • 参考两个字母
    • Copy of High School transcripts

Please Note: All suitable applicants are interviewed

应用程序: Applicants are required to submit the following information:

  • An application and application fee of $78.75 ($75.00 + GST) online.
    • Please ensure applicants select “Summer” as the Intake Year
    • A PDF Program Application is also available for download from 学生表格
  • Submit Required Documentation


毕业要求: 502 Bad Gateway



计划日期: Find out when you term start and end dates are, so that you know when you are expected to be in attendance. For more information, please review the Program Dates & Fee Schedule.


技术推荐: It is strongly recommended that you come to Olds College with the following technology:

  • A device capable of running Microsoft Office, preferably a laptop

This will give you access to the full Office suite on your computer, for both Windows and Mac based platforms.

Materials & Supplies: